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50 Cent – Animal Ambition [Album Stream]

50 Cent - Animal Ambition-Album Stream

50 Cent will be releasing his long-awaited fifth studio album Animal Ambition on June 3rd. Today we get a listen of the new album through the music videos that he’s released for every record. The features appearances from Jadakiss, Prodigy, Trey Songz, Kidd Kidd and more. Animal Ambition officially drops this coming Tuesday, June 3. Pre-order here.

1. “Hold On”
2. “Don’t Worry ‘Bout It” (featuring Yo Gotti)
3. “Animal Ambition”
4. “Pilot”
5. “Smoke” (featuring Trey Songz)
6. “Everytime I Come Around” (featuring Kidd Kidd)
7. “Irregular Heartbeat” (featuring Jadakiss and Kidd Kidd)
8. “Hustler”
9. “Twisted” (featuring Mr. Probz)
10. “Winners Circle” (featuring Guordan Banks)
11. “Chase the Paper” (featuring Prodigy)


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