6-Piece English indie-pop band Jumanji Premier “X”

6-piece English indie pop band Jumanji (not to be confused with the film released in 1995) lead by vocalizing beauty Neneh Atkins, made waves with single with their single ‘Houdini,’ which received support Phil Taggart’s Radio 1 show, along with a feature in promo video for his new book ‘The Slackers guide to the music industry’.

The single accumulated over 100,000 streams on many streaming platforms, making the band one of Brighton’s most promising young bands to keep an eye on. Fast-forwarding ahead today the band makes their Elite Muzik début in the form of a premiere for their newest single titled “X,” an energetic pop cut with an infectious chorus with smooth and dancy vibes.

The single will live on their 2nd EP 49’ dropping next month.


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