a l l i e is Apple Music’s New Artist of the Week in Canada

Following the release of her full-length debut Nightshade the praise on a l l i e continues. Starting today August 4th, the soulful singer will be featured as the New Artist of the Week on Apple Music Canada. a l l i e also sat down with Flare, Canada’s popular women’s fashion magazine, this week about her sound and style.

a l l i e speaking on her experience as a woman in the industry 

Absolutely. I think that there is an imbalance, and I think everyone in the industry right now really needs to focus on trying to correct that imbalance. Promoters need to make sure they are booking equal parts women as they are men. It’s the little things like that that will make a huge difference going forward. I would describe myself as a feminist, and to me, being a feminist means that you want equality. Simple as that.


a l l i e breaking down her debut album Nightshade

It’s eclectic, experimental soul music. I have so many different influences that I can’t really define it as one genre, but I really don’t mind when people call it R&B. I love R&B and I’m super by inspired by R&B, so I’m totally cool with that.

a l l i e  speaking on music video for “Bad Habits 

I gotta give it up to Mark Martin, who directed it. We worked on the concept and really wanted to create this kind of alternate universe and otherworldly, magical vibe. I have lucid dreams a lot, where I know I’m dreaming and I’m in control of the dream. I get a lot of inspiration from my dreams, and I try to infuse that into my work. I love images that can translate a sense of peace to the viewer, so that’s what I go for with everything that I make.

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