Alanna Eileen Talks New Single “Motion,” ‘Absence’ EP and More.

Just last week we we’re blessed with a first official listen of Melbourne folk singer Alanna Eileen, in the form of her brand new single “Motion.” After falling in love with the record it was only right to chop it up with talented songbird behind the masterpiece. Read the full interview below.

At what age did you fall in love with music?

As a child.  I used to sing frequently and was exposed to music on a regular basis.  It felt like an integral part of me as opposed to something consciously cultivated.  In my early teens, I started writing prolifically — poetry and prose — in addition to listening to a lot of different kinds of music and reading a lot of books.  I think that’s the point from which songwriting eventually developed, though it was a somewhat circuitous journey in that it involved detours into experimentation, instrumental and electronic music and various genres, or styles, of writing, before I felt like I could do it.  It’s still changing.

What kind of music inspired you?

Folk music, predominantly.  Before I started writing my own material, I used to sing a lot of traditional folk songs.  I loved artists like Conor Oberst, Joanna Newsom and Bill Callahan and I went through a brief Townes van Zandt phase.  Classical music was important to me when I was a young teenager and I still enjoy some of it.  I love lo-fi recordings and anything that isn’t too polished.  Nick Drake and Robbie Basho are artists I particularly love.  Also, a lot of the lesser-known folksingers of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

How was your first recording session?

I experimented with recording in my bedroom for years before going into the studio.  I loved recording things myself, even though I wasn’t skilled at it, and received a lot of positive comments from online listeners at the time.  That was really important to me, because, before that, I was very shy about sharing my own songs.  Moving beyond that period and going into a studio was a new experience in the sense that the sound was completely different.  I think I learned from it and I hope to keep learning.

Last year you released your ‘Absence’ EP, (my favorites “First Curse,” “Clear,” and “Stranded”)  breakdown your musical process during the recording of the EP

‘First Curse’ was written a night or two before traveling to the studio, whereas ‘Clear’ and ‘Stranded’ were a little older.  In the studio, we kept the arrangements very simple, layering harmonies and adding subtle ornamentation: keys, electric guitar, accordion.  It took two weeks to record.

Most recently you released a brand new single titled “Motion,” What inspired the record?

All of the songs on my upcoming EP, including ‘Motion’, were inspired by difficult experiences.  In truth, though its ostensibly a collection of love songs, I think they actually serve as an examination of my own psyche more than anything else.  They grew out of an impossibly hard time when I wasn’t really coping, for a variety of reasons.  in that sense, I think they were symptoms of a healing process.

Are you working on a follow-up EP or album? if so when can we expect it

Yes.  I’m going to be recording an album in the middle of the year, in New Zealand.  I’m not sure when it will be released, but I imagine early 2017.  I think it will be totally different to both ‘Absence’ and ‘In Your Hands’.

Who are some artist or producers that you would love to work with in the future?

Some current artists whose work I really love include The Weather Station, Nadia Reid and Tiny Ruins.

If you could only pick one album to listen to for a lifetime, what album would it be?

Any album by Robbie Basho.

Check out Alanna Eileen‘s new single “Motion,” below.

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