An Elite Conversation With A’Justice

Last week we we’re first introduced to the sounds of Atlanta-based newcomer A’Justice, in the form of her new single  ‘Special,’ the first official release from her début EP Queen Of The Fall. Following the feature for her single ‘Special,’  I decided to reach out to A’Justice for an interview or what we like to call it ‘An Elite Conversation.’ During the interview we touch on inspiration behind her current single “Special,” favorite artist and producers out of her hometown,  her début EP and much more.  Check out the full interview below.

Who Is A’Justice?

“First and foremost I’m a child of God, I’m a creator and a lover. I’m a little north with a little south. I’m a person that often expresses herself through artistic outlets as opposed to conversations.

What year did you first decide to pursue a music career ?

The year I first pursued my music career… that’s tricky. Right after high school I would always begin to pursue it and somewhere along the years I’d get an opinion or a suggestion that would either completely confuse my process or make me doubt my vision. I’d never take anything with a grain of salt. I didn’t trust myself. So the year I began to trust myself, is what I equate to the year I really began pursuing music. That was about 2 years ago, Honestly.

How Would you define your sound?

I was raised in church so that’s the soul you hear in my voice, I love creative bass riffs and drums sound so that’s what I look for in my production. Hip hop/soul.

What artist past or present have inspired you the most?

Growing up I was definitely inspired by Beyoncé’s stage performance and Brandy’s vocals but The artist that has inspired me the most has to be Kid Cudi.

Atlanta has so many legendary artist and producers, if given the chance what hometown artist and producers would you choose to work with and why?

2 Chainz , Young Thug and Young Dro, right off. I love the cleverness of 2 Chainz and Dro, Young Thug has the sauce so I know we’d make something dope. The Atlanta producers that I would love to work with are Mike Will Made it, Sonny Digital and FKI1st. I’ve always loved Eardrummer tracks, when the tag drops I know I’m in for some good shit. Sonny Digital and FKi1st really make tracks with their own sound, so I really appreciate that and believe we’d create some track magic.

You recently dropped your new single “Special,” the latest release from your début EP “Queen Of The Fall,” what was the inspiration behind it?

My inspiration for ‘Special’ is my inspiration for mostly anything I write Love and pain, It honestly might be lust and pain though.

When do you plan to release your new EP and what type of sound can we expect?

I plan to release the EP by the end of the year or the top of next year. The feel is sexy and trap-ish, The ‘Special’ music video coming soon though.

If you could only pick one album for lifetime what would it be and why?

It’s impossible for me to choose only one album. But I have a ‘vibes’ playlist I created on Apple Music that could get me through the rest of my life. It has some new and older artist.

Stream the latest release from A’Justice titled “Special.”

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