An Elite Conversation With Annalie Prime

Fresh off hearing her amazing new single “Guns of Hysteria,” last we had the chance to speak with up and coming Trinidadian singer-songwriter Annalie Prime. Check out the full interview/conversation below.

Who Is Annalie Prime?

Annalie Prime is that silent little weirdo that sits in the corner of your class peering into your soul. I’m kidding. I would say first off I’m a loner (not kidding) I hate to follow the crowd, I don’t really mind if the crowd follows me, I just hope they use their own intuition. My favourite colour is black (if that’s a colour), my favourite cartoon is scooby doo and I like the simple things in life, like a shack painted in a bright colour near a coconut tree or the bird that flies over my school that looks like a Pterodactyl or sitting in a corner and staring at things and people. I prefer back in times music but I appreciate all. I sit in the dark in my room for hours at a time and procrastinate about homework or just generally life. I have a crush on the guitar, Lianne La Havas, Ramen Noodles and a snack called Salt Prunes (It’s like a preservative version of prunes) wait is that something internatonal?

What artist influenced you early on?

Lauryn Hill mostly but obviously there was a variety of other people, like Queen, Bob Marley, The Police, Kanye West (will forever be my favourite rapper, no matter how much crap he does now)

Break down your new single “Guns of Hysteria”

Guns of Hysteria is this cry that could not be in the form of a real cry because probably only my pillow would hear it. I was fighting with myself for awhile and I wanted to write about. True story, I stood in my closet miming words and shouting with no audio, then I record all the vocals right after with no instruments. The song depicts a scene of a cowardly, self-conscious version of Annalie fighting with the creative, expressive, adventurous Annalie. I am my biggest enemy. It seemed a bit psychotic, so I made into something more normal people friendly and depicted a relationship that’s struggling. It still has that double meaning to it though. After my sister listened to it, she kinda gave her take on it and it pretty did what I wanted it to do, to persuade a liberating spirit.

Going through the music on your Soundcloud it shows how versatile your styles is, how long did it take to find yourself musically? ‘

I’m not too sure if I’ve found it yet. What I can say is that it took me about 5 years to realise that when I project the truth and who I really am, it’s much better than trying to be everyone else.

You released an amazing cover of The Outfield’s 1985 smash “Your Love,” adding your own unique sound to it, how did that come about?

It was always a song I liked from singing it with my friend at school. When Richard asked me what song I would like to do, it was just there waiting to pop out. I actually don’t hear the difference until everything is mixed and put out, and then I realise oh you did something here Annalie. As far as the guitars and production, all respect goes to Richard and Bennett Jackson.

Are you currently working on a new project?, if so what can we expect?

I’m always working on something, As long as I can stare at things Im working on something. Expectations? You’d probably see a growth in Annalie Prime, growth in lyrics, sound. melody, craziness.

Stream Annalie Prime’s new single “Guns of Hysteria.”

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