An Elite Conversation With ELEX + New Single “Anywhere the Wind Blows”

Today we’re blessed with fresh tunes from LA-based Female producer, DJ and vocalist ELEX, signed with the great folks at Tommy Boy. Earlier this week i had the chance to listen to her new single “Anywhere the Wind Blows,” with electronic producer MKKY, i liked that record so much that i decided to reach out and ask her a few questions about her background, the record of-course and more.  Check out the interview +track below.

Who is ELEX? 

ELEX is the moniker I created for myself as a producer, DJ, and vocalist. The name ELEX comes from the word “ELECTS”, which implies being elected into your position based on skill and dedication, rather than simply buying your way to fame or using other factors like sexuality. This is what I essentially aim to do with the three skills i have cultivated over the past 5 years.

Being a DJ, Vocalist and Producer pretty much makes you a triple threat in the game, in what order did you get involved with all three?

I have been singing, playing piano and writing music since I was 7 years old. That eventually progressed into production in my first program – Fl Studio/Fruity Loops at the age of 19, and then in 2012, I switched to Ableton and have been all about it ever since! That same year, I played my first DJ gig and started pursuing that avenue for the experience of playing my original creations live and watching a crowd react to them! It’s the most incredible experience!

Today you’re presenting us with your new single “Anywhere the Wind Blows,” with electronic producer MKKY, which has an amazing spring meets summer vibe to it, what was the inspiration behind the single ?

Well ironically, the lyrics were written before the election had became a hot and heavy subject, but the meaning behind the song somewhat ties into politics and how so many people can be swayed to go “Anywhere the Wind Blows”, rather than standing firm to what they truly believe in. I try to do my best to stay grounded to my morals and beliefs, rather than just floating over into every new trend. The summer vibe behind the track is set to lighten the mood with a playful, fun chorus that shows how despite all the political tension, people can still come together as one through music.

You’re gearing up to release your new album The Light Ages” sometime this year, the first single officially has me on board, what type of sound can we expect to hear on this album?

The songs are all Electronic based melodic Pop/R&B style vocals with lyrics that are meant to encourage and inspire listeners in a positive direction. The album name itself symbolizes a new time period in contrast to the Dark Ages, where we are now headed into a bright new era – the Light Ages.

Stream her new single “Anywhere the Wind Blows” Below.

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