An Elite Conversation With Goody

Last weekend we we’re first introduced to 23 year-old Chicago-based emcee Goody, in the form of his brand new LP ‘21 (To Anyone).’ Officially a fan of his work I reached out to chat with Goody and he responded.

Who is Goody ?

Goody is just a regular guy from Chicago, I’m currently a college student. I love making music, I love the culture.

What Year did you decided to pursue rap?

I decided to take music seriously four years ago, so 2012.

With so many rap styles coming out of Chicago, how would you define yours?
I would define my style as original it just me it defines me. My influences are Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas, Tupac, and Kanye. I also love the music behind 90 ‘s R&B, so I wanted to merge the two. That truly defines my style and then I just add my Chicago flavor on it , of course haha

This past Sunday I  listened to your new album ’21 To Anyone,’ officially one of my favorites, what was the inspiration behind the album?

Thank you for listening to the album I really appreciate it. The inspiration behind it was just to give people a different perspective of Chicago. I love Chicago artist, but I believed that I could articulate a story that no one else was doing from Chicago.

What record(s) from the album do you feel stand-out the most?

“Be” instantly jumps out to me, it’s one of my favorite tracks because I always wanted to do a song that discussed black on black crime and police brutality. Its a double edge sword.

“Last Night” Is another song addressing black on black crime happening in cities everywhere.

“Rollin” the process of making the song was just fun, its inspired by Kanye’s “Spaceship”. The concept of him just expressing his feelings about his job, thats what I wanted to do for how I felt about school sometimes. But those are just fun lyrics something people can laugh and relate to

Who are some your favorite artist and producers based in Chicago?

Its hard to say who’s my favorite, its a lot of talent, but i’m trying to be the best, i was just telling my homie that my goal. I want to put my name in the conversation as one of the best from Chicago. My favorite producer is 1stfrom92, who is from Chicago, thats my brother he produced every track except for two on the album. C-Sick is dope too, I would like to work with him if i had the chance. Other than that its a dope producer i’m working with named Clint Ford, he’s from Atlanta. He’s dope you’ll hear something from us soon.

If you could only pick one album for lifetime what would it be and why?

One album for a lifetime would have to be a Michael Jackson album right? Off The Wall or Thriller. MJ is the G.O.A.T.

Stream Goody’s new LP ’21 (To Anyone)’ below

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