An Elite Conversation with HSVN

Kicking off the new year Vegas-based artist-producer HSVN, released his debut album BACK2BACK, featuring my favorite cuts “On You,” “Ask No Questions,” ‘ICGH,” “Come Fly,” and “I Got.” Over the weekend I spoke with HSVN, touching on his new album, his production style, and more.

Check out our conversation below.

Growing up what type of music we’re you exposed to ?

I actually grew up on r&b and a lot of jazz. Then I turned to alternative rock and deep house in my early teens which changed my perspective on music. It allowed me to explore different sounds.

What artist / producers are currently your favorites ?

I really fuck with Schoolboy Q, Big Sean, and A$AP Ferg. They’re all unique in their own way and stand out. They kind of have they’re own little pocket in the industry. I’d probably say my favorite producer right now is Southside. The ambience he creates in his music creates a perfect bed for his drums which I feel like are pretty consistent and necessary. I’m big on drums.

What Year Did you first start producing? and What Motivated you start ?

I started making beats in ’04. My homie Cam put me on FL Studio at the time and I always wanted to try making a beat. He was actually the one who motivated me to make them because his beats were so tight. He actually just won a Grammy for songs he produced on chance the rapper’s album.

The game is filled with more than a handful of producers, just starting out what were you’re expectations?

I wanted to be an engineer when I got into the game. That’s what I did for my first 2-3 years in the game. I always worked on my beats in the mean time, and once my production was strong enough to take off on its own I never looked back.

How Would You define your production style?

My production style is progressive, it’s constantly moving from beginning to end. I’ve never made a beat that I can say doesn’t move or build. I’m always working to accomplish something with my beats.

What Artist or producers would you like to work with?

I really wanna work with Pharrell and Chad, their chord progressions make me everything I am today. So it would only be right to work the guys who’ve mastered that, in my opinion at least. I wanna collaborate with Gnarles Barkley, Little Dragon, and sbtrkt. As far as producers go I’d say Southside, Sonny Digital, and Cashmere Cat.

There are times in any career when your personal life isn’t going to well, how do you keep your mind on your work without losing focus?

I honestly only focus on work. I lose track of personal relationships on a daily basis because my work is basically the only thing I care about right now. I try to combine my personal life with my career as much as they allow, so it doesn’t feel like I’m working all the time

Touching on your new album BACK2BACK, (my favorites being “On You,” “Ask No Questions,” ‘ICGH,” “Come Fly,” “I Got,”) What direction/Sound we’re you going for on this project?

My goal for Back2Back was to make songs that felt good to me personally and connected with me emotionally. Every song was about shit that I was going through during that process. I spent the last year developing the perfect beat for me and my voice that would move people (I honestly didn’t think it would the way it has lol). I needed every song to bounce and take you for a ride.

What is the ultimate goal that you wish to accomplish during your career?

To work with anyone that is looking for a record to be created for them. I’m an artists producer that can also write, I understand how to connect with people to produce the exact thing they’re looking for from scratch. It normally takes me 2-3 hours to produce, write, and record a record. I don’t like sending over a batch of beats to people until I’ve talked to them to understand what they like and what’s missing from their project. I’m the icing on the cake for any artist. I just make my own songs because I want to show people how talented I am, and if I can create this for myself imagine what I can do for someone else

Stream HSVN‘s debut album ‘Back2Back‘ below.

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