An Elite Conversation With Mount Zion

Following the premier of their new single “I | L | Y”, we recently linked up with synth-pop duo Mount Zion for the latest edition of Elite Conversation. Check out the interview along with their latest single “I | L | Y,” below.

Who are Mount Zion?

We are a synth pop duo out of LA.

Break down how you two first met

We originally met in college and then realized that we liked writing music together. Josh: I had a current project under way that I was working on and I asked Cole aboard and then we got together and just threw up musical ideas basically and redefined Mount Zion as we know it today and it’s an endeavor we want to pursue.

What was your first musical experience?

Together as a band, when we headed in our redefined direction, it was playing at a recreational camp up Northern California where there was about 200 college students on winter break who had no idea who we were. It was pretty terrifying in all honesty. Especially considering much of our music is groove based and not the typical hype up music. I think that was one of our favorite shows, mainly because we got crowd surfers that night.

You recently released your smooth electronic track “I | L | Y”, what was thought process/inspiration behind the single?

The entire song is really just about growing up and leaving home to start your life and the hesitations that you have while you set off on the grand adventure that is your life.

What artists would you say had a huge influence on you guys sound?

Well Broods is definitely first on our list. We also love the 1975, Banks, MTNs, Satchmode, and Gallant. These artists have inspired us to the max for sure.

What do feel makes your sound stand-out from other artist ?

With electronic music there is a tendency to lean toward the robotic in terms of recording and having all the eighth notes quantized and what not but we really do our best to find a balance between the electronic and the organic. We want the music to feel real and identify with the messiness that in most cases is our very own lives.

Are you currently working a new project? If so what can we expect?

Yes! We have a song that will premiere soon and also we have two songs that will be cut loose at the end of July to complete our EP! And we will be dropping a full length at the end of October. We are super excited for people to hear them!

Give Mount Zion’s latest single “I | L | Y,” a spin below.

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