An Elite Conversation With Nello Luchi

On March 9th we we’re blessed with a first official listen of Brooklyn newcomer Nello Luchi, in the form of her single “Welcome,” followed her by latest release “My Side” (The Stuy), After hearing two amazing records it was only right to have An Elite Conversation with Nello. Check out the full interview below and if you’re not caught up stream some of Nello’s latest records below including “Welcome,” and “My Side”

Who Is Nello Luchi?

I’m an Artist born and raised in Bed-Stuy (AKA The Do or Die or The Stuy) Brooklyn, New York. My style is very New York and my persona is very Brooklyn. My music is very raw and honest. I like to give people the good, bad, and ugly of my life in my music. I make music to inspire people who are going through tough times and want to get over them.

Break down your very first experience with hip-hop

I’m showing my age but my first experience with hip hop was watching Yo MTV Raps with my pops. I was in foster care but lived with my grandmother in Lafayette Gardens Projects. In the PJs we would listen to Soul music and a lot of Whitney Houston. My nana would play Al Green, BB King etc. On Friday night I would come over to my pops crib and be amazed listening to Rakim, Run DMC, Wu Tang, KRS One etc. When I heard people like Pete Rock or the RZA put soul samples in their music I would lose my mind.

You’ve laced us with two dope singles “Welcome,” and “My Side,” please tell me there’s project in the works?

Yes there is and I’m so excited about it. The Project is called Welcome. The Welcome EP is me inviting the listeners into my life growing up in Bed-Stuy Past and Present. I just wanted to capture how I actually feel when I’m in my neighborhood. The stories are real and truthful. The album has a dark and gritty tone to it. The project will be out late August.

The music industry can be a challenge no matter what genre or gender? What are some of your challenges and how do you overcome them?

I’ve been the underdog all my life. People told me I wouldn’t amount to shit in life. I really don’t pay attention to the challenges of the music industry and just keep focused on the music. Life is hard as it is and I feel like I’ve been fighting battles all my life and winning. This is just another battle that I’m going to come out swinging in.

Brooklyn is filled with legendary artist, who are some the artist that inspired you growing up?
I could say many names but the sole person who truly inspired me was Jay Z.

What goals do you wish to accomplish during your career?

I just want to travel the world more making music and inspiring people all while providing a means to take care of myself, family, and assisting my friends with their dreams.

If you could only pick one album to listen to for a lifetime, what would it be and why?

Reasonable Doubt. My block was the weed block. Nas talked about it in You wouldn’t understand. Biggie, Mobb Deep etc use to come to my block and cop that Chocolate Thai. I saw the worst shit out here… I used to admire the hustlers because they had money, cars, and nice clothes. As a young girl I would play in the building hallways and backyard with my friends while all the drug activity was going on in it. When I heard Reasonable Doubt it made me understand what was going on on my block and what I was seeing. Plus the production and lyrics were masterpiece. Unk (What my friend Tye calls him. We were raised on his lyrics so he’s like an Uncle. lol) did his thing on that album. It’s a masterpiece.

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