An Elite Conversation With Nikki’s Wives

Kicking of the day we’d like to introduce you to the sounds Alternative-Pop buzz band Nikki’s Wives, who have been featured on Fox NewsNBCVictoria’s Secret parties, Ones To WatchIdobi Radio and so many more. To top things off Nikki’s Wives recently hit the road with legendary Goodie Mobb rapper and singer CeeLo Green. Fresh off releasing their new EP For E*V*E*R, we had the pleasure of interviewing the Canadian trio. Give their tunes a spin along with the full interview below.

How did you three officially link up?

Dylan and I used to play together back when I was doing a solo project. Nate got involved when we needed a drummer for an upcoming gig. The show went super well and there was this insane chemistry between the three of us, like we were just meant to play together or something. After that show we all agreed that there was no way this couldn’t be a band. So, we’ve just been doing our thing ever since then.

How did you come up with the concept for the band’s name?

The name is an inside joke between the three of us! Because we’re so busy we’ve always joked that this band is the closest thing the three of us will ever get to actually being married. So it’s just a reflection on how close we are.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

We all have super different musical inspirations, which is why our sound is so eclectic sounding. We all listen to a lot of Hip-Hop, like Kendrick Lamar, Skepta, and Drake. So a lot of our sound comes from those influences. Another genre we all collectively listen to is classic rock. In the van we always are jamming out to a classic rock station.

Nikki you started in the music game at the early age of 12, what was your musical process then, compared to now?

When I first started I was obviously very young, so I didn’t really have a “process” I was more just teaching myself things and then picking up on what other musicians were doing around me. It’s cool because that allowed me to really develop my voice and my sound at a young age. And working with Dylan and Nate has done nothing but help me be a better musician and writer because I am always picking up and learning from them.

When did you guys get your first Big break?

I dont know if we’ve had any big breaks yet, but we’ve been lucky to have a series of small ones that seem to be adding up. In February we got to play in San Francisco for a Victoria’s Secret Superbowl party, and that lead to us doing some parties at SXSW, which lead to the tour with CeeLo. We’re really finding out how far grinding can get you

You recently released your new EP ‘For E*V*E*R,’ (my favs: “Lonely Being Cool”, “Fight Song,” “Fantasize,” and “Ghost,”) what was the inspiration/thought process behind the project?

We approached this EP having never written a song together, and we only had about ten days to complete it, so the process really was just to ride the inspiration to any direction it took us. We found a lot of common ground in bands like Portishead, and lyrically, we all wanted to write about real-life stuff that happens. For E*V*E*R is not only like a general introduction to Nikki’s Wives, but its also the sound of us getting introduced to each other in many ways.

What do you wish to accomplish by the end your careers ?

Artistically, I think we just want to keep making the records we’ve always wanted to hear. We’d all be pretty proud if we could maintain that sort of artistic innocence throughout our career. Getting rich and having dope beach mansions would be pretty nice too though…

If you could only pick one album to stream for a lifetime, what album would it be and why?

That’s a tough question, but the answer for us definitely has to be “Supernatural” by Carlos Santana. There’s no need to even include the entire record, because we’re only listening to the greatest song of all time, “Smooth” ft. Rob Thomas, over and over for eternity.

Give Nikki’s Wives latest tunes a spin below.

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