An Elite Convo With London Newcomer Amy Steele

Starting the day with fresh new talent, today we’re introduced to the sounds of London-based singer-songwriter Amy Steele, whose received praises and support from popular publications BBC Radio 1, Clash and Wonderland Magazine.

For her first official appearance on Elite Muzik the talented UK songbird sat down with us for what we like to call an Elite Conversation. Along with the interview Amy gave us the green-light to share the Refmix version of her brand new single titled “Graces.”

Check out the interview and her brand new single below.

Who Is Amy Steele ?

Hi, I am a singer songwriter based in London.

What Type Of Music were you exposed to growing up?

I think I was exposed to and have an appreciation for all types of music, from Jazz to soul to pop. I think that has influenced my sound to be quite varied in terms of its influences.

What song instantly puts you in a good mood?

Blessings, Chance the Rapper

What are your main inspirations and greatest influences?

I think I’m inspired by all sorts of stories of overcoming obstacles to achieve what you want on your own terms. I think that is universally inspirational, regardless of what field it’s in, or in what way you overcome the barrier.

What year did you decide that you wanted to sing professionally? 

Deciding I wanted to be a singer was more of a gradual thing for me rather than I defined moment. From the first time I went to the studio I really loved it, and it just became a path that I started to follow until it grew into a professional thing.

How would you describe your sound?

Future Soul or Alternative Pop. I think my sound is quite nuanced in that it doesn’t fit in a defined category, it’s just music.

Today you’re sharing  your new single “Graces” which sounds absolutely amazing,  what was the inspiration behind the record? 

Graces is about all the positive feelings where you’re happy in a new relationship. But it’s also about separation in the face of that positivity. So its hope that everything will work out, tainted by a bit of dread, that deep down you know there’s a good chance it won’t.

Are you currently working on new album/project? if so when can we expect it?

Yes, I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my upcoming EP titled Memories in Watercolour. It’s an 8-track record, with each track telling a different stage of a story. It’s coming later this year!

Give Amy’s new single a spin below

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