Catch Up With Elite Muzik Radio

It’s been a while since I’ve shared the latest episode of Elite Muzik Radio, for fans of the blog who follow the show my apologies for falling off post wise. To get everyone all caught up here are the latest 3 episodes of the show.

Kicking off the top of the week DJ Eternity returns with Episode 132 of Elite Muzik Radio. The episode features a mixture of R&B, remixed edits, dance, baile, soul and more. The episode features music from austin marc, Milus, La Soülchyld 魂, Singularis, sans, Jmetrevor, GREGarious, SIROJ, d a j u, DKVPZ, and much more.

Kicking off things on a Tuesday DJ Eternity and Elite Muzik return with Episode 133 of Elite Muzik Radio. The mix features dance-floor edits old skool classics, Electro-Soul, R&B, house and more. Episode 133 features music from Andrea Valle, Keith Classiq, Stanzah!, EKANY, SAY3, austin marc, Epithet Music, L.A. VanGogh, tgaston and more. Elite Muzik Radio is Now Streaming through Castboxfm, Spotify, Apple podcast, TuneIn, Stitcher and more.

Kicking off Thursday DJ Eternity and Elite Muzik returns with Episode 134 of Elite Muzik Radio. The 25min mix includes a mixture of Baile, R&B, Funk, Electro Soul and more. Featuring music from Jair, Ralph Wiggum, VHOOR, sptmbr yngstr, mr. alexus, Stinhow, Hoodboi, AbJo, KOKiO and others.

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