Cool Company “Voodoo”

Typically I don’t like songs that have a lot going on with the beats, but Cool Company knows how to do it just right with their new song “Voodoo.” When asked about the song:

This one’s for all my happily pussy whipped and dicknapped people out there. I’m not one of them, but I’m happy for ya’ll -Yan

This one was interesting because I finished the whole instrumental before I even considered what drum beat I was going to add. I was inspired by a girl i was seeing at the time who was almost impossibly lovely and sweet, which is why the chords and melodies are so pretty and relaxing. I tried not to ruin that with the drum beat, even though the soca rhythms give it a dance pulse – Matt

What I love most about their statements is the pure honesty. In 2018, you can’t be shy with your lover, if you like what they do to your body, you might as well at least give them a high five for a good job. Or you could just go below and press play on this fire song!

Check out new music by Cool Company “Voodoo” below!