Dagny “That Feeling When”

Almost a year ago Norwegian singer-songwriter Dagny Norvoll Sandvik known under the moniker Dagny, made her Elite debut in the form of  visuals for the single “Wearing Nothing.” This week the talented songbird returned with audio for newest single “That Feeling When.” Her beautiful voice is what won me over the most, this single has the potential of being a pop smash of the summer.

Speaking on the new single Dagny says:
“That Feeling When’ is my first single in 2018. The song shows another side of me as an artist, with a more melancholic, epic and atmospheric sound. It was written on an early autumn day in the studio, on my favorite instruments, the Omni chord. The inspiration for the song came from the hashtag #ThatFeelingWhen, and was written from my personal histories of not only falling in love, but also sorrow. It will be the first of two singles that will be released before the summer, and I hope that 
´That Feeling When´ can create a different feeling for the listeners than my previous songs.”

Dagny also released official visuals for the single directed by Jørgen Nordby

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