Danelle Sandoval “Hands”

Back in October of 2017 we were first introduced to the sounds of Los Angeles-based independent singer and songwriter Danelle Sandoval, in the form of her current single at time “High Til.” Today the talented songbird returns to the scene with a brand new single titled “Hands,” featuring Toronto-based producer French Braids.

“Hands,” is the 2nd official release from her forthcoming EP, For Love. The single finds the talented songbird exploring the left of center pop, inspired by the vocals of Toni Braxton and Mariah Carey. The single came about after Danelle relocated from Los Angeles to Toronto, where she was instantly inspired.

Speaking on the creative process behind the single Danelle says:

“I was in a weird creative funk in LA. I kept going to sessions not knowing what to write or just didn’t connect with what I was writing about. I lived in LA practically all my life and at some point I started to feel a little jaded. It wasn’t until I wrote with French Braids in LA who was visiting from Toronto where things started to really click. From there, I made the most spontaneous decision of my life to semi-base myself in Toronto and split time between cities.”

Danelle speaks on working Toronto producers

“It’s really cool because out here in Toronto, especially with Toronto producers, they really don’t mind being experimental or stepping out of the box. It’s the perfect match for my very LA pop-structured mindset with writing. Toronto is the place where I reconnected with myself and was able to found the artist in me again. To just be free, make whatever sound I wanted to and really write however I wanted to.”

Give Danelle Sandoval‘s new single  “Hands” a listen above.

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