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Danish Duo Blondage Premier Visuals For “Stoned” Featuring The Band’s Denim-Clad Girl Squad

Danish Duo Blondage return with visuals for “Stoned.”

Danish Electronic music duo Blondage, composed of Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen, return today with Colorful visuals for their latest single “Stoned,” Featuring The Band’s Denim-Clad Girl Squad.

Speaking on the visual Blondage said this: “We had such a strong image of what it should look and feel like that we decided to direct it ourselves. We only had two fixed ideas; to eat stupid things throughout the video like having the munchies and to have a rad girl squad in full denim in a pink room.. The pink room illustrates the sensual and dreamy side of the lyrics where a girl falls in love with another girl for the first time”, the duo explains

The video is filmed by long-time creative partner Jonas Bang in a run down suburban greenhouse and in the showroom of Normann Copenhagen: “The locations were even better than we’d hoped for and ideas just constantly popped up that day. It was a total coincidence that there were blue jars in the greenhouse that fitted Esben’s sweatshirt. We felt like we won the lottery when we saw them stacked in a corner and it’s our favourite moment in the video”.

Watch the music video in full above.


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