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Denmark-Bred DJ & Producer Kriswontwo Talks Debut Album ‘Ceremoni’ Out September 14th.

On September 14th Denmark DJ/producer Kriswontwo will be releasing his debut album Ceremoni, featuring a mixture of hip-hop and neo-soul artist such as Skyzoo, Georgia Anne Muldrow, El da Sensei, MED, Oh No, Omar, Stacy Epps and others. Blessed with an early listen of the album I also had a chance to speak briefly with Kris about the album’s format, artist or producers who inspired him growing up and more.

At what age did you decide that you wanted to become a producer and Why?
I think I was about 16 years old. I was a music fan all my life. I remember I spent all my lunch money in the record store.

What hip-hop artist or producers inspired you growing up?
Too many to mention! My dad always played jazz and soul around the house while my mom was more into gospel. I was always very much into The Roots and always read Questloves liner notes and all that. Georgia Anne Muldrow was definately the one who inspired me to begin producing.

Whats the hip-hop scene like in Denmark?
It depends on what you mean by Hip Hop. Rap music is very big over here.

Break down the thought process behind your production
I try to do something new every time. I’m always inspired by something, but it doesn’t have to be other music. Mostly when I get inspired by some other music I always end up doing something completely different. All tracks are played live, so I don’t sample from records.

Any particular sound you were going for on this album?
The only sound I was trying to do was my own. I don’t try to sound like anything or anyone. I’m gonna let the listeners describe it how they like, I don’t really care about genres and stuff.

You have a lot of my favorite artist on the album such as Skyzoo, MED, Oh No, Georgia Anne, how did you decide what artist to work with on the album?
In some strange way it all came together naturally. It was all connected with someone who knew someone and then we had the connect like that. I was very blessed to have all these great artists on the project, I’ve been a fan of all of them for many years!

Whats the meaning behind the album’s title Ceremoni?
It has a lot of different meanings. Ceremoni is the Danish spelling for Ceremony. I’ve been tripping off how music is in it’s origin ceremonial in every way. In popular culture music is not respected at all, people just want fastfood – but music is just like food, you just got to make a serious decision what you put in your body and soul. I’m trying to make some organic and healthy music and I’m learning everyday. Music is ceremonial in my life. It’s something I do everyday, like praying you know.

If you’re a fan of good hip-hop and soulful music you’ll love Kriswontwo’s new album, with that said check out the stand out singles and a short preview of the album below,  Pick up Ceremoni out now on iTunes
Kriswontwo---Ceremoni_Album Cover Artwork

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