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Elite Beauties: Kouwai Potocnik

Photographer: Randy Tizon
Elite Beauties: Kouwai Potocnik

Going through my tumblog which i’m hardly on anymore, i stumbled upon a breathe-taking Los Angeles based beauty Kouwai Potocnik, who happens to be an aspiring recording artist & song writer. Sadly she doesn’t have any tunes for us to check out but these lovely images shot by Photographer Randy Tizon definitely make up for it.

Kouwai Potocnik-tumblr_n98jzr2F0o1qaixo6o10_1280

Kouwai Potocnik-tumblr_n98jzr2F0o1qaixo6o5_1280

Kouwai Potocnik-tumblr_n98jzr2F0o1qaixo6o7_1280

Kouwai Potocnik-tumblr_n98jzr2F0o1qaixo6o8_1280

Kouwai Potocnik-tumblr_n98jzr2F0o1qaixo6o9_1280

Kouwai Potocnik-tumblr_n98jzr2F0o1qaixo6o1_1280

Kouwai Potocnik-tumblr_n98jzr2F0o1qaixo6o2_1280

Kouwai Potocnik-tumblr_n98jzr2F0o1qaixo6o3_1280

Kouwai Potocnik-tumblr_n98jzr2F0o1qaixo6o4_1280

Kouwai Potocnik-tumblr_n98jzr2F0o1qaixo6o6_1280

Kouwai Potocnik: Twitter | Photographer :: Randy Tizon: Tumblog | Instagram
  • Dan Shrider

    Shes extra beautiful and I like those -Run-in stockings on this lady… a turn on for me……lol

  • Dan Shrider

    Dope post ELITE

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