Elite Interview: Dr.eamz

New York based rapper Dr.eamz has been on our radar for quite sometime now, after sponsoring his debut project SWXRVE, filled with stand-out cuts ‘Lonely Thoughts’, ‘Survive Out Here’, and ‘No Support’, we thought that it was only right that we sit down with the rising star and get to know him a little.

What were things like growing up in New York?

growing up in new york you see the best of both worlds. you can find a nice house next to a run down house across the street from a baseball field were crack heads flock lol. I must say i feel blessed to grow up in this melting pot.

Who or what exposed you to music growing up?

The first song i could ever remember when i was about 4 or 5 was the song suicide from the grave diggers. my oldest brother was heavy into 50 cent and grimy rap so it stuck on me.i didn’t even like rap growing up i was into punk rock and still am to this day lol. hip hop took over my life when i turned about 14 or 15

What made you lean into doing hip-hop?

well growing up in a struggle made me want to let others who were going through the same thing as me know that there are people just like you. we must feed off of good energy or the streets will pull you in and eat you alive.

How do you feel you fit in hip-hop game?

i feel that I’m something new and pretty different from the rest. i fit in where ever the listeners choose to put me.

Do you think lyricism in hip-hop is dying out in hip-hop?

i must say before 2012 hip-hop was annoying and played the fu%k out. i think the future of rap in coming back to the lyrics and the street were it started.

Taking things back to your debut project ‘SWXRVE’, what the creative like during the making of it?

i was heavy into trapping and doing all the bad things to get by when making swxrve. so i was kind of stuck in a little bubble. and to be honest i was pretty depressed making that album. i hated the way i was living.

Do you feel like you evolved musically since then?

yes 100 %. i feel like every time i get out the studio i learn something new. I’m very happy with what my next project is going to be. I’m focused and hungry. best of both worlds.

How Do you separate yourself from other artists?

yes i believe every artist should stay in there lane and do there own thing. if you try to do what other artists do you will fail at telling your story.

Are you currently working on any new projects?

yes as of now I’m working on a new LP. and also I’m working on a college tour in the next 5 months. I’m very amped on this! it took a lot of hard work to get where i am now.

Not too long ago you started a clothing line CircleofTrustny (i’m still waiting on my crewneck lol) how did that come about?

lol I’m getting new designs this week i got you cuz!!!! well when i was young i was heavy into graffiti. to this day i still am lol. but I’m tired of getting into trouble so thats why i just try to put my thoughts on shirts and clothing now. at least now when i get bagged for graffiti i have enough bail money lmao.

What Long-term goal do you wish accomplish during you music career?

i want to leave a legacy for the younger generation to feed off of. as artist we must think of the next generation.

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