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Elite Muzik Radio: S2.EP17

Inspired by classic hip-hop and smooth dance tunes.

Episode 17 via Season 2 Of Elite Muzik Radio, features music from India Shawn, PRSJON, cay caleb, rgry & tengram, Mincha, Jordan James, EQ Why, Ced Hughes, alcordo and much more.  Now Streaming on, iTunes, Google Play Music, Soundcloud & CASTBOX.Fm under Elite Muzik Radio

Season 2 Episode 17 Tracks:

India Shawn — Let Me Show You (Produced By Jeremy Avalon)
[ ANN-DROM-AKKA ] — Temporary (rasiiir Remix)
PRSJON — confessions flip
cay caleb. — touch the sky.
mr. alexis — are you there
AF. & Das – Habits
Amazing Prophet — Final Call (Instrumental)
rgry & tengram – bbthemesong
Jordan James ~ Smoke Clouds & Fiji Water [Instrumental]
bungalow – pollen
alcordo — badu
C OATH — She.
IAMKRT Future Trap Harmless Synths VOL 1
Dani▲Desh — 15.07.2017smplr
Mincha – Tales For Her
EQ Why – Trash Man
Alfred English — Rocksteady Anthem
MaddJazz & PROQ – Supa High — Exiety
ModVo — Exiety
s a x o n — J i c k || R a m e s
eskimoe — If You Can
ThisIsJBird — StillJonzin’
Häzel – Brown Paper side B
Ced Hughes — ALL SUMMER

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