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Elite Muzik & ReverbNation Featuring Maryland-Based Songbird Jazzo

Maryland-Based Songbird Jazzo



Next up for our Elite Muzik & Reverb Nation featured selections Series we have Maryland-based songbird Jazzo, who i become fan off after hearing the singles “Borders,” and “Human Nature”

Jasmin “Jazzo” Walters. Intoxicating. Electric. Hypnotic. Contagious. These are just a few words used to describe the Jazzo experience. This Massachusetts born, Maryland raised artist was exposed to creativity at a very young age. She wrote her first mixtape at twelve years old using a karaoke machine and cassette tapes. She went on to pursue acting and dance before deciding to return to music. Jazzo is not limited to her sound. She is a professional dancer and choreographer, writer, poet, and producer. She aspires to direct and act again, she enjoys painting and crafts and she has a knack for marketing, branding and advertising. Her drive and imagination is unmatchable. Jazzo has so much more to show you. Keep listening.

What Year did you first decide to pursue music?

Pursuing. Pursuing music. I began pursuing music in 2009. I’ve been on my own since I was 17 so I went to the furthest college that I got accepted to and stayed there. I was there for winter break, spring break, summer break, holidays, you name it! One Spring, I got snowed into my dorm. I went to school in Boston so when I say I was snowed in. I mean I could not walk to the dining hall nor would Chinese food deliver to me. So you know what I did until I was dug out? I made a mixtape! I used the voice recorder in the dell laptop that the school had provided me and made a dorm room record. It was a huge joke. Parody after parody after parody… I was surprised to hear from one of my best friends Stefano that I should consider seriously pursuing it… after he heard “Lazy”. Thats when I began my journey as a songwriter. I didn’t decide to sing my own stuff until 2010. I went through a few trials and tribulations, fell off, moved away, returned to school, and now… after graduating and settling for corporate routine… I just decided… January 2016 to pursue music in the most serious way I know how. You’ve gotta at least try, right?

What Artist inspired you?

My inspiration does not come from other artists. In fact, I try not to listen to anyone else whilst creating just to avoid emulation and influence. Experience. Adversity. Observation. Those things inspire me. I’ve been told I have a unique way of transforming adversity and experience into masterpieces. I am my most vulnerable while creating. I have learned to use art as safe, therapeutic space. For the sake of answering your questions though…. My top 5: Erykah Badu, Sade, Lauryn Hill, Dido and Jill Scott. lol

How would Define your sound?

Oh boy… Well, it is definitely along the RnB lines with hints of electronic and alternative tones. My voice is airy, hollow, light… I tend to make slower tunes and languid melodies. Listening is really the best way to find out…

How Do you feel you stand out from other Artist?

I mean, who knows if I do. There are so many people on this planet. We are bound to have similarities and we are bound to have differences. All I can do is present the most genuine version of myself. Meanwhile others try to be and want to be and aim to be recreations of personalities that have already existed. I won’t be the only sincrer upcoming artist, but weeding out the real from the fake is the first step. And I am.. so real.

You caught my attention with your single “Borders,” what the inspiration / thought process behind it?

I wrote Borders in March at the tail end of a relationship. I was at that fed up point where, none of the positives of the past mattered anymore. I had no fight left in me and I had made peace with it. Borders was recorded like two weeks before my partner moved out. Little secret… I think I want that old thang back haha. Still a great song!

What is the overall goal of your career?

I really want to be able to wake up and create. I want to live off of my creations. I want to be able to record from home. The stress that comes from this mundane, routine, corporate lifestyle really stifles creativity. And my gut is in twists because I know I have potential to do so much more. I just need the time and resources. It doesn’t have to be fame. I don’t have to be extremely wealthy. But I want to quit my job, be self sustained and create words, movement and sounds forever.

Check out Jazzo’s current tunes below.

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Featured Selections

Elite Muzik & Reverb Nation Featuring Sierra Marie

Get to know California-based Alternative-Pop artist Sierra Marie



Kicking off the latest edition of our Featured selections with Reverb Nation, we have 18 year-old California-based Alternative-Pop artist Sierra Marie. The talented songbird first caught our attention with the single “Run Away.” For our first interview with Sierra we get to know  by asking a few simple questions about her first music experiences,  artist she would like to work with and much more.

Who Is Sierra Marie ?

I am a singer-songwriter and inspiring producer who hopes that I can break down the genre boundaries and not be put in a box.

What artists were you first exposed to growing up?

Amy Winehouse, Adele, Erykah  Badu, Res, Sade, Duffy

What year did you decide pursue a music career?


How would you describe your sound?

Indie Alternative with a little bit of jazz & R&B

If given the chance What artist would you work with?

Erykah Badu & Brittney Howard (Alabama Shakes)

What goals do you wish accomplish during your music career ?

Too have a large fan base and producing for other artist

Are you working on a new project/album? if so when / what can we expect ?

i’m always working on new material. It’s just a process of releasing them.

Name One album you couldn’t live without and why?

“I’m Sorry” (The neighborhood), because that’s the first album where I generally loved every song from beginning to end.

Stream Sierra Marie‘s latest releases via Reverb Nation below

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Featured Selections

Elite Muzik & ReverbNation Featuring Preme Writez



Continuing the latest edition of our featured Selections series with ReverbNation, next up we have a talented crooner out of the West Coast by the name of Preme Writez, who caught my attention with his stand-out track “Hello Hello.”

Who Is Preme Writez?

Preme Writez is a son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend, like most young men making their best effort to walk through their struggle. When I’m not in the studio or playing a show, I’m in school as I am a business major. In my down time, I play basketball or watch movies.

What artist were you first exposed to growing up?

I would probably say my mother as she is a natural vocalist and she then exposed me to 80’s funk bands, Chaka, Prince and Michael Jackson.

What year did you decide pursue a music career?

2006 was when I started recording, I was rapping in-between basketball practice but it wasn’t until 2010 when I actually released my first single “Why Does It Bother Me?”

How would you describe your sound?

For a general description, I would say R&B/Hip-Hop. But to further expound, my sound are like my tattoos. I have many and they are colorful, representing many moods and feelings. That R&B is felt in the bass and in the rap on the tracks. Cause, I’m not going to rap every track, that soul is going to be felt in the vocals.

If given the chance What hometown artist would you work with?

I am open to working with any artist, but especially artists hailing from the west coast.

Your first caught my attention with your single “Hello Hello,” what was the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind “Hello, Hello” was that I was finding how difficult it was for people to connect in person, self included. Normally, I am pretty shy but I am not alone. Many people find it difficult to approach someone and say “Hi, Hello” without being on Twitter or Instagram and I wrote that song about overcoming that obstacle.

What goals do you wish carry out during your music career ?

My all-time goal is to reach the performance, songwriting and business acumen levels of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie.

Are you working on a new project/album? if so what can we expect ?

Currently, I am touring in support of The Wood project. I do have some upcoming video releases scheduled for Spring 2017. My new project drops Fall 2017.

Name One album you couldn’t live without and why?

Michael Jackson – Off the Wall. This album displayed the raw talent that Michael had and when you listen to it in retrospect, it’s like re-living the dream over and over again. You knew by the time you finished Off the Wall, Michael was going to be the #1 artist in the world.

Stream Preme Writez latest tunes below

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Featured Selections

Elite Muzik & ReverbNation Featuring Janessa Evrist

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Janessa Evrist



Continuing our Featured Selections series with the great folks over at ReverbNation, next up with we have Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Janessa Evrist, who caught my attention with her incredible new single “Fall Apart,” the title track from her upcoming her début EP.

Who Is Janessa Evrist? ( An Introduction of yourself)

I’m a 25-year-old songwriter / singer living & performing in Los Angeles, Ca. I consider myself more of a writer than a singer. I do sing all my own songs, but focus on the emotion of what I want to say rather than the technique. I also play piano, but taught myself how to play so that I could write my own songs. I think that if you have something important to say it’ll come out the way it needs to, and for me that’s always been in the form of a song. I’ve been writing since I was 15 and it’s gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life. I continue to write music because it’s always been there as an escape for me and I want to help others in that way too.

What artist were you first exposed to growing up?

I remember really liking Sixpence, The Cranberries and Seal growing up because this was the music that my parents played or that I heard on the radio and it always made me feel like I was transported to a different world when these artists came on. I really like genuine, beautiful music.

What year did you decide pursue a music career?

I decided that music was the career choice for me at 17 and it affected me greatly during high school because everything I was learning seemed pointless to me. I knew I wanted to spend all day at the piano writing music and that’s exactly what I did every day when I came home from school. I almost didn’t graduate because I would write songs instead of doing my homework.

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe it as a dream-like escape, because that’s what it is to me. Beyond that, it’s sincere sounding and fits into the genre of meaningful dream pop or indie pop.

If given the chance, what hometown artist would you work with?

I grew up in Thousand Oaks, Ca, and haven’t lived there since I was in high school. So I think I can call LA my hometown for now. I know that Gwen Stefani had some roots in this area, that would be a total honor to work with her, I have always been a huge fan.

You first caught my attention with your single “Fall Apart,” what was the inspiration behind it?

I wrote ‘Fall Apart’ at a time when I felt super pressured to have everything figured out in life. I was in college, absolutely hating it, and had just gone through a break up. I felt like I didn’t live up to any of the high standards I was setting for myself and felt like I was failing at everything. I was trying to meet perfection and trying so hard to control how my life was playing out. It’s a song I wrote because I was fed up with all of that.

Writing the song helped me a lot during that time, it definitely stood out as a message I wanted to share, and one that I need to remind myself of often. Being kind to yourself can be hard but it’s so necessary. I was babysitting a lot at the time too and all the kids I would baby sit had toys that would inevitably break because babies aren’t the most careful or gentle with their things. I got reminded of this while writing and wrote from a toy’s perspective & thought “wow that must be frustrating to not be in control of what happens to you.” and then it just clicked for me that I never was and none of us really are but we can choose how we look at ourselves, and we can essentially fall apart, have things happen to us, but not be broken on the inside.

What goals do you wish accomplish during your music career ?

It’s a huge list. I want to absolutely tour and meet the people who have listened to my music and gotten something worthwhile from it. I want to inspire others and help others achieve their goals, my thinking is that if I can achieve my own goals, I’ll be able to help others achieve theirs.

I want to have my music in movies or tv shows because I think it’d be amazing if someone creative out there had an idea for how a scene should go and my song was the one that brought it together or at least played a role in that. I would also like to write specifically for film music- I think it would be so fun to be given a prompt or story and write from that. I want to make as many albums as I feel inclined to and always share what’s on my mind. I don’t care about becoming well-known, but I want a way to make a meaningful career for myself and help others.

Are you working on a new project/album? if so what can we expect ?

I am, it’s my 5-song début EP, ‘Fall Apart’ is the first single off this EP. The EP will be released one song at a time because we’re making a video for each song , each song has it’s own story.

Hopefully it’ll all be released this year, but if not that’s ok. I really care about giving each song what it deserves and want people to get the most out of my music , so I want to take my time with releasing. I’m very excited to share though.

Name One album you couldn’t live without and why?

Eisley, their album “The Valley.” This is what I listened to all the way through I think my junior and senior year of high school and this was the first band I got super into. The album is really powerful and beautiful, it’s alternative/ indie music and their songs have such great messages behind them. ‘Smarter’ is probably my favorite song off the album because it’s really empowering and I can recall so many times in my life where people have condescended to me , or thought they were being sly, this song is an anthem to me. This band was the first band that sounded truly poetic to me at a time where shallow pop music and club music were the readily available tunes on the radio.

Watch the visual for her latest single “Fall Apart,” above.

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