Get To Know Columbus Georgia Artist Sam King [Interview]

Artist: Sam King
Age: 23
 Reppin: Columbus,GA
Who influenced you to rap: 

My dad was in a band in the 70s in Savannah,Georgia so Music has always been apart of me growing up. I remember waking up on Saturdays and he’d have the reel to reel playing old school music the whole time we cleaned the house. And my older brother used to rap before he got locked up he had some dope shit.

Standout records or moments have been: 

I say a standout record for me early on in my career was when I linked up with OG Maco after performing at a Mixtape Monopoly Industry mixer. I reached out on twitter and he replied and I sent him some heat. It’s on my SoundCloud now it’s called “Cameras” and it will also be on the next project.

Another moment that stood out to me was when I met Dizzy Wright in Atlanta right before he was chose as a XXL Freshman in 2013. A friend of mine had been graphic designing for him and he told me tag along to meet up with them at his suite and go to his show later that night I met his DJ at the time DJ Hoppa and we smoked out till Dizzy got to his suite room ….And plus he needed some Tree lol. So I set him straight with that.

What project are you currently workin on ?

Right now I’m about to drop a mixtape with Mixtape monopoly entitled “Manifest Destiny” I’m particularly excited for this project because I’ve been plotting on dropping it in 2015 so now that the time has finally come and it feels right I’m ecstatic. The cover art is done by UnkleLuc and if anyone who’s reading this doesn’t know of him look him up. he’s a graphic designer based out of Miami he directed the “Trap Niggas” video for Future. His vision for the cover art was perfect for the type of sound that’s on “Manifest Destiny”
Who are your musical influences ? 
My musical influences span from different genres, As far as hip hop My main influences are Wale, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West Nipsey Hussle and Ludacris.
In different genres I say my influences are Calvin Harris, John Mayer, The Broods and Active Child just to name a few.

Five years from now I will be ? 

Shit, Five years from now I want to have a cult like following for my music and be a independent artist on a major scale making major money topping billboard charts with the Niggas I started this shit with ya know? I just want to be comfortable to say the least  And to be able to say “I actually did it..I Took my dreams and real lifted the shit” Yu digg?