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Introducing Doja L’Herisse aka Doja

Today we’re introduced to New Orléans born, Atlanta-based singer, songwriter and lyricist Doja L’Herisse, better known by her stage name Doja. With a sound that’s often described as a fusion of hip-hop, rock and R&B, Doja’s unique sound still couldn’t be compared to anyone. Influenced by the likes Jay Z, Tupac Shakur, and Lil Wayne, Doja creates music that is inspiring. Doja is currently gearing up to release her début album, Doja L’Herisse – A Peasant Girl with Royal Dreams. Getting things moving today she not only delivers 4 new tracks from the album but she was also cool enough to link up for a mini interview. Check out the interview and 3 new tracks below.

What was your first interaction with music?

My first interaction with music was from the beginning of time. My mom always kept the blues, gospel and jazz playing in the house…but actually getting into music, I was fascinated with the neighborhood cyphers so one day I went home and wrote a 16 and came back the next day and rapped it and it was on ever since….I was amazed by the reaction and the freedom off it

What inspires you musically?

Everything inspires me. It can be triggered by a bird flying in the sky. Or a political argument. It even can be inspired from my pain..

Describe Your musical style in 3 words


 New Music:

Listen to “Dreamer”

Listen to “Imma Boss”

Listen to “THANK YOU”

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