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Introducing Hunter Kennedy

Introducing Hunter Kennedy

Today we’d like introduce Michigan based artist Hunter Kennedy, who first caught our attention with his amazing stand out cuts “Sing To Me”, “Say It” and “Better Off On My Own”. Instead of just doing a basic blog post we decided to give him the proper introduction to you the readers by sharing a bulk amount of tunes and giving him a mini interview to help you get an idea of his thought process musically. With that said listen to some his amazing tunes while checking out the mini interview below.

What was your first interaction with music?

My first interaction is hard to pin point im not sure which one came first but i remember before i even started elementary school i heard a lot of fly by sugar ray on the radio because of my older sister as well as a lot of the beatles from my dads car so i just remember feeling so geeked up and happy hearing those songs feeling like i just wanted to play like them.

What inspires you musically?

A lot of different things , i guess life in general. my current and next album are about the world and its inevitable path to destruction like an apocalyptic world like the hunger games or divergent. i try to make songs that could fit in a scene of a movie so im very influenced by everything around me. i try to not stay in a box when it comes to writing. i cant stick with one subject even though my albums have a story the songs and lyrics themselves can be interpreted many ways.

Describe Your musical style in 3 words.

epic, inspirational and upbeat

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