Introducing….. KWAYE

London-raised, Zimbabwe-born artist KWAYE makes his Elite Muzik debut. KWAYE was discovered while riding in an UBER while studying abroad at UCLA, taking up courses in African-American studies and the music industry. Within a week of his arrival he linked up with a producer and they recorded a demo track, which would later become his break-out single “Cool Kids,” while learning his way around the city.

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KWAYE was picked up in Downtown LA by an Uber driven by a former A&R executive, and after hearing “Cool Kids” he passed it along to Mind of a Genius. MOAG provided KWAYE with a place to work and record, and within just a couple weeks he was the label’s first UK signing.


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KWAYE’s music style is inspired by the likes of D’AngeloJohn Legend, Thundercat, Tracy Chapman and the Eagles. KWAYE uses flourishes of pop and classic house music to juice up a breezy, funky version of modern soul miles apart from dour alt-R&B. A multi-instrumentalist who plays viola, sax, and guitar, he’s been performing on stage since childhood in venues ranging from open mic nights to the West End.

His art and style emphasise Zimbabwean colour and swagger matched with the clean, smart lines of London fashion. In his first video for ‘Cool Kids’ his sense of style extends seamlessly into his sonic identity, blending into one complete aesthetic whole with the effortless grace of a veteran pop star. KWAYE is a new kind of artist, a utopian global citizen, bouncing from city to city, continent to continent, picking up influences and energy along the way.

Fast-fowarding to today, KWAYE released his debut EP Solar, featuring the singles “Cool Kids” and “Little Ones.” Kicking off his official Elite Muzik debut KWAYE presents us with final leak from the album “Sweetest Life.”

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