Introducing Laura Rizzotto

Keeping the site filled with fresh new talent, today we’re introduced to the sounds of Laura Rizzotto, hailing from Rio de Janeiro. Signed to Universal Music Brazil at the age 15, Laura blessed the world with her debut album “Made In Rio,” released in 2011. Following the album’s  release, Laura toured Brazil and even scored an opening slot for chart-topping pop-stress Demi Lovato.

After being offered a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, Laura relocated to Boston and went on hiatus to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree. Two years later Laura returned to the music scene with “Reason To Stay,” an album that served as a driving force to promote environmental education and a greater public awareness regarding the urgent need of conservation of the Brazilian national tree, also known as “The Music Tree,” currently menaced by the bow-for-stringed-instrument industry.

Laura later graduated from the California Institute of the Arts, before heading to the big apple to pursue her Masters in Music at Columbia University. During her time in the city Laura was hired by legendary label Sony Music to work in the studio with Jennifer Lopez, as a Portuguese vocal coach for the ballad “Chegaste”, released by Jennifer in partnership with Brazilian music mogul Roberto Carlos.

Laura also served as the moderator of the Music and Culture panel at the Brazil Conference at Harvard University, featuring Brazilian music icons Gilberto Gil, Brazil’s former minister of culture, and Yamandu Costa, a virtuoso on the acoustic guitar.

After earning her Masters Degree in May, Laura now 22 headed back to the lab to create her new EP “Precious Stones.” Getting fans ready for the new project today she presents us with latest single “The High​.”  Give the single a spin below and look out for her new EP set to release this Summer.