Introducing Los Angeles-Based Singer-Songwriter And Actress Bianca Gisselle

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and actress Bianca Gisselle is officially on our radar. Bianca has penned songs with Gin Wigmore, Merges, Jason Butler of Letlive, Hopium, and Pegasus Warning, and most recently had placements in the new Scarlett Johansson movie Rough Night, the newest TNT show Claws and one of the newest Apple commercials.

Originally from Orlando FL, Bianca grew up around music and began writing songs at a young age. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 and began collaborating with producers to create a sound that is all her own.

In 2015 Bianca released her debut EP Get Back to Love: Side A, featuring stand-out singles “Baby Shakeand Ghost,” and Give It Up, a duet with The Voice’s Briana Cuoco.  This year Bianca returned with the tracks “You,” and Secret Affair, both of which live on her new EP Get Back to Love: Side B, which officially dropped September 8th.

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