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Introducing New York Based Singer-Songwriter & Producer Amber Mark

Today we’re blessed with a first official listen of New York-based Singer-Songwriter and producer Amber Mark, in the form of her brand new self-produced single “S P A C E,” which will live on her début EP set to release at the end of March. During the week spoke briefly with Amber about her new single, her musical background, artist who inspired her sound and more.

Who Is Amber Mark?

Amber Mark is a half German half Jamaican(Germaican) 22 Year old Singer/Song-Writer/producer. Being raised in many parts of India, Thailand, Nepal and Germany allowed her to absorb music from many cultures. When living in India with her Mother as a child, Amber really fell in love with instruments used in classical indian songs & chants. Throughout the years she grew more and more passionate about Music as a whole… But it wasn’t till her junior year of high school when she decided Music was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

What Type of Artist inspired your sound?

Ravi Shankar, Sade, Gotye and Drake.

You’re premiering your new single “S P A C E,” and it sounds amazing, what inspired the single?

Music can be a way for me to think back A lot of the time… Almost an opening into all the nostalgia I never express. Having that Idea as the foundation of S P A C E I incorporated a lot of indian sounds into the song. However during the writing process it was very hard for me to have any alone time. My friends and family unknowingly tend to get in the way when I’m in my creative zones. This one Particular time when I was writing completely different lyrics to S P A C E then what they are now, my sister and I got into a huge argument (as sisters do) regarding her not giving me space when I needed it. I was so angry when the fight was over that I couldn’t write about anything other than the feelings I had at that very moment. It was actually pretty ironic cause the next day I was thanking my sister for being as annoying as she was.

At the end of march of you’re gearing to release your début EP, what type of tunes can the people expect ?

I go down more of a funky/soulful route here and there… but always keeping the Indian vibe going.
All the other songs really express how I’m dealing with the loss of my mother.
The EP is almost like an ode to her… with the exception of space. But if I think back to when she was still here, there were times I needed space from my mother as well!

Music really helped me when getting through the pain of losing my mother. I think that’s always been something I wanted to accomplish for others when writing these songs & in the songs I write in the future. It always boils down to wanting to bring out feelings and emotions of the people who listen to my music… So hopefully one can expect to feel something whether its happy, sad, angry etc.

Stream Amber’s new single “S P A C E,” below.

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