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Introducing The Como Brothers

The Como Brothers

Today we’re introduced to Long Island based Rock band The Como Brothers, which consist of Matt and Andrew Como. The Brother have released 3 projects so far, The Speed of Sound EP”, in 2012, Still Waters EP in 2013, and their full-length album Baby Steps released on October 1st in 2013. The duo’s music has also been featured in many Television shows and commercials such as MTV’s Real World Portland & St. Thomas, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Canon’s Consumer Electronics Trade Show Commercial and more. To give our readers a more in-depth look today we decided to give them a mini interview and to feature some tunes to let you know what they’re all about. Read the interview along with checking out their tunes below.

What was your first interaction with music?

My Dad and his brothers played in bands so music was heavy in our family my whole life. My first connection to playing music when a huge passion for it was sparked was In the month of April when I was 18 years old. My brother Andrew has been playing in bands already for a whole and they were jamming downstairs and I was like, it seems fun I’ll try it. I started playing DayTripper on my brothers old guitar. I loved it!! I had to practice for weeks to get it down but I was hooked.

What inspires you musically?

The challenge of writing good songs. Writing hit songs. Writing songs that connect with people and mean a lot to me. Songs that have a message for what I want to say. That challenge drives me everyday to pick a guitar up and try and write the best song I can. It’s exciting, exilerating, frustrating, hopeful, optimistic, and challenging, it’s the hardest thing to do and yet when the magic happens it feels so easy. And sometimes it is easy. It’s a passion I have. Also to be the best I can instrumentally and vocally. To connect with crowds at live performances.

Describe Your musical style in 3 words

Matthew James Como: Answer 3 continued: It’s just me. I love blues, rock and pop music so that all gets twisted into me. Energy, emotion and feeling.





The Como Brothers Band



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