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Introducing: Upset Victory

For the past couple of months we’ve been hard at work looking for talented new artist and bands. Today we would like to introduce you to Ohio based Rock band Upset Victory, consisting of Frank Hammonds on the Guitar/Vocals, Stephen Campbell on Guitar, Jason Dill on the Lead Vocals, Aaron Roy on the Drums and Eric Vice on Bass. Getting your the reader more familiar with the band today we decided to give the band a mini interview and feature two of the band latest records off their Wall Street EP, which can be streamed below.

What was your first interaction with music?

First interaction with music was at an early age. Probably around 12 or so. I can remember learning to play piano and slowly that evolved into acoustic guitar and eventually I found my way to an electric guitar. I started my first band prior to even really knowing how to play guitar. I just knew that I wanted to be involved with the live music scene.

What inspires you musically?

The world at large. Friends, family, day-to-day encounters; if you really make an attempt to be more aware of your surroundings you can be inspired daily.

Describe Your musical style in 3 words

Honest. Passionate. Energetic.

Stream both records from the new EP below.
Listen To “Sellin My Soul”
Listen To “Fake This”

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