Iris Gold “Keep The Light On”

Up and coming songstress Iris Gold was born in London but grew up in Denmark surrounded by music and an expanded culture. At an early age, Iris was introduced to the hip-hop, reggae, and psychedelic-pop and rock music.

The music left a great impact and inspired Iris to create most the great content that she has shared with the world today. Today Iris makes her Elite début in the form of visuals for her latest single “Keep The Light On.”

Speaking on the visual Iris says:
“The video is very sensual and organic. We wanted that 90’s Spike Lee love scene vibe, Jungle Fever, She Hate She… The Song is quite intimate and exposed and we wanted that to Come through in the visuels aswell. It’s showing in my mind what could happen if me and that certain someone actually turned Of the lights and explored each other.”

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