Isaac Gracie Announces “The Death Of You & I” EP

Isaac Gracie is pleased to announce his new 4 track EP, The Death of You & I will be released on September 29th through Republic Records. The EP will be available to stream and download as well as via a limited edition run of 10” vinyl which you can pre-order now at

Isaac Gracie has quickly become a reliable name when it comes to releasing songs of depth, honesty and quality. Two EPs, one self-recorded and one live, and a towering recent Markus Dravs produced single “All In My Mind”, all had a very recognisable stamp of Isaac’s ear for melody and way with words.

This new EP was largely recorded at London’s Eastcote Studios within the past couple of months, and whilst it doesn’t signal a change of direction from Isaac wholesale, it certainly suggests a versatility. The roaring title track, streaming now, sounds as though it could be soundtracking an old spaghetti western before it explodes with rage on its chorus line.

“Silhouettes of You” which follows is a soaring widescreen anthem of quite dizzying proportions. It doesn’t simply scrape the sky so much as slow-burns through it. It’s the lighters/mobile backlights aloft scorcher that should soundtrack ‘moments’ the globe over. A staggering anthem.

“For One Night”, Isaac enlisted the ears of serial collaborator Mura Masa, and the pair have written a tune that cris-crosses and weaves before piling straight into another kaleidoscopic punch of a chorus. “Love” (Ain’t Always So Good) is a hushed folksy story that most resembles the earlier tracks that featured on the introductory EPs. Tender and charming, it’s the sound of a young poet comfortable with dropping his words onto a page and re-arranging them emphatically.

Isaac orbits a musical world that is almost oversubscribed with talented young voices, but in truth he acts as the antidote to all of them. A modern musician who takes the tested inspirations of love and hurt, and portrays it vividly with that moreish, keening vocal of his. He’s the real deal, and The Death Of You And I EP is his most realised body of work yet.