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Joe Budden Wanted By The NYPD

Stumbling through twitter i noticed a friend of mine re-tweet this this photo straight from the NYPD’s official twitter page. By the looks of it Joe Budden has gotten himself into a bit of trouble. Earlier this week rumors surfaced about Joe being involved in domestic dispute allegedly beating up his ex-girlfriend outside of a night club in the Washington Heights.  A Statement from police says that Joey allegedly “stole the woman’s cell phone “before twisting her arm and shoving her into his car”.

Following the NYPD’s man-haunt Joe took time to fire-back with a few tweets of his own

The Female who made the allegations has yet to come forward.

  • Crunkatlanta Magazine

    wow- so over 18,000 people retweeted for him to be captured and a lil over 6,000 retweeted Joe… he should see where the loyalty is

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