Joël “VENT”

Joël is a 22-year singer-songwriter & dancer from Toronto who creates his own blend of alternative R&B which he likes to call Grunge Gospel. Gearing to release a new project in 2019, Joël rolls out his latest release titled “VENT,” a single where he discusses dealing with a chick post-break-up.

Speaking on the new single Joël says:

At the time I was living with shortie post-breakup, toxic… but I still had love for her. so many emotions that were undigested I kinda just wanted to clear the bitterness out of the air… literally cut vocals while her & her home girl were out in the living room. it was kinda like therapy in a way. i really didn’t care if she heard it or not although when that chorus hit I’m sure she did. it’s never cool closing a book you’ve spent time reading especially if you got to know the characters really well. we were coolin for a minute, got crazy then shit hit the fan..poured gas on it too i’d be chopped if i didn’t right a song called vent.


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