Joya Mooi “I Can Do Better” feat. Pink Oculus

Amsterdam-bred songbird Joya Mooi is strongly influenced by the genres of Hip-Hop, Jazz and R&B. Today the talented newcomer makes her way to us with her new single titled “I Can Do Better,” featuring vocals from fellow dutch singer-songwriter Pink Oculus. On the new single Joya speaks on mental health and self-care.

Speaking on the new single Joya says:
“I often think society looks upon mental issues or working on yourself as a temporary thing, while I’m on a daily basis occupied with keeping myself mentally in check,” Joya explains. “So I am very aware on boundaries for example, to keep my energy in check to temper depressive thoughts. And because I knew that Pink Oculus was also dealing with similar things, I sent her a draft of this song and it immediately triggered her to write her dope verse. So I am very proud of our collaboration.”

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