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Keke Palmer Releases New Web Series “That’s The Gag”

Watch the first episode of Keke Palmer’s new Mockumentary series “That’s The Gag”

That’s The Gag, created by Keke Palmer, Matt Cullen and Troy LaPersonerie, is a “mock”umentary style scripted comedy series which gives audiences a peak behind the Hollywood curtain. Once a child star glowing in the spotlight, Keke Palmer finds herself all grown up and transitioning into adulthood, looking for a meaningful job.

After a series of disappointments, she plans to resurrect her career in Hollywood as a comedic actress. From auditions to meetings to dealing with opinionated managers, the series follows Keke as she attempts to reinvent herself. The eight-episode web series is (very) loosely based off of Palmer’s real life experiences in this zany industry called showbiz. That’s The Gag is available on Keke’s YouTube channel, in partnership with AwesomenessTV.

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