Kendrick Lamar Talks Depression, Death & Making A Change With NPR

Following the announcement of receiving 11 Grammy nominations, Kendrick Lamar sit down with David Greene of NPR. During the interview Kendrick discussed his life Growing up in Compton, being close to destruction, witnessing his first murder at the age of 5 years old, losing his close friend Chad to violence and much more.

Kendrick Lamar on witnessing his first murder at the age of 5.

“It was outside my apartment unit,” Lamar tells NPR’s David Greene. “A guy was out there serving his narcotics and somebody rolled up with a shotgun and blew his chest out. Admittedly, it done something to me right then and there. It let me know that this is not only something that I’m looking at, but it’s something that maybe I have to get used to — you dig what I’m saying?

Kendrick Lamar on Acts of Destruction

“You grow up inside these neighborhoods and these communities, and you have friends, friends that you love, friends that you grew up with since elementary. And you have their trust, and you have their loyalty. So it brings influence. So no matter how much of a leader I thought I was, I was always under the influence, period. Most of the times, when they were involved in these acts of destruction, I was right there.”

Kendrick Lamar on Losing friends this past Summer

“I’ve probably lost more friends in this past summer than any other summer.” One sticks out. “Chad Keaton. He was like my little brother; we grew up in the same community,” Lamar says. “I was actually best friends with his older brother, which is incarcerated right now. And him just always telling me to make sure that Chad is on the right path. And, you know, he was on the right path. But, you know, things happen where sometimes the good are in the wrong places, and that’s exactly what happened. He got shot.”

give the full interview clip a listen below.

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