Lil Wayne Says “F You Scooter”

Lil Wayne Says-F You Scooter

Fresh off the plane from France Lil Wayne wasted no time calling out Justin Beiber’s manager Scooter Braun, who has bashed Lil Twist in the past calling him a bad influencing and holding him responsible for Bieber being caught up with weed and various issues with the law.

Ayo, straight up. This my nigga Lil Twist right here. I heard that they got a bitch ass nigga named Scooter that be running with my little brother Justin Bieber. If you running with that little — that’s my little brother Justin Bieber. I heard this bitch ass nigga Scooter talking shit about my little brother. Nigga this my motherfucking brother! Anything you gotta say, when you see us say it to my motherfucking face. And if you do happen to say it to my motherfucking face, I ain’t gon make you eat them words nigga. I’m gonna put them bitches on your tombstone!


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