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Minneapolis Trio FreeWIFI Premier New Single “Ego”

Introducing Rostrum Records trio FreeWIFI

Hailing from Minneapolis today we’re introduced to 3-piece rap trio Tha Rift, J. Plaza and Daddy Dinero, collectivity known as FreeWIFI. Kicking off their Elite Muzik debut, the trio who recently signed Rostrum Records, unleash their latest single “Ego,” produced by: Angelo Bombay. Give their latest cut a spin below.

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  • The Wickerman

    We’ve reported your illegally posting your fucking stupid posters all over Minneapolis bus shelters, you fucking slobs.

  • A.

    @@jenkinsbrown:disqus Are you the police? You fucking pigs. You prolly smell like bacon at all times.

    • The Wickerman

      Nah man, you guys are the fucking pigs, sticking your ugly ass shit all over our city.
      Fucking slobs, you probably smell like ass at all times. Ass and ditch weed.

      • A.

        Go kill your self, stop wasting your life away and get it over with already.

        • The Wickerman

          Stop creating derivative, sad, shit-rap and I’ll follow suit.
          I mean.. really, “free wifi”? What the fuck, did your mom come up with that lame ass name? It’s like some white trash ass band called “free beer” or some shit. Fucking juvenile.

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