Mountain Bird “Moment” (feat. Lara)

Swedish producer Mountain Bird, recently released his 4-track EP titled CUBISM on April 27th. The EP featuring appearances from AutreyFlora Cash and Lara whose featured on The EP’s stand-out single titled “Moment.”

Speaking on the single Mountain Bird had this to say:

“Lara and I started working on the songs topline together, and we both had similar things we needed to write about. Back then we were in a period of time, where we needed to learn to leave things behind and focus on the future… So many things happen in your 20s, so the better you are at handling the moment and moving on from those situations, the better everything will turn out. I had a lot of dark energy which I needed to leave, so we thought that would be an interesting theme to write about.”

I haven’t checked out the EP in full but this record is a prime example why everyone should. I’m really loving the Electro-Pop meets EDM sound, it definitely has the potential of being a chart-topping smash. Give the single a full listen below.

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