Noé “Rabbit Hole”

Berklee graduate and vocal goddess Noé, makes an appearance on the Elite Muzik club in the from of visual for her latest single titled “Rabbit Hole,” a follow-up to debut EP ibynoé. Singing over hip-hop-influenced pop production Noé displays her dope ass vocal abilities.

The DIY music video pics apart her world, where she includes all elements of her other songs and life in it: In the corners of the rooms you can see the “Meet Me” plaque (the first record she ever put out), the pinata from “Pity Party”, the wigs that the other noémies wear are from “color”, there is a picture of her and her friends in a corner, her guitar for “cheated on u”, and so on! It was all done DIY and puts her easy-to-fall-for personality on full display. 

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