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Pauline Pisano Shares New Track “Calling All Angels”

NYC-based, singer-songwriter Pauline Pisano, premiers her brand new single “Calling All Angels,” from her self-released solo album, Inside The Wheel dropping Tuesday September 5th.

The inspiration behind Inside The Wheel, stems from a summer tour in 2016 that was cancelled last minute. After ending a long term relationship, and with no plans or work, Pisano gathered up all her stuff and drove to a secluded cottage that had been in her family for years. The solitude and peace of being at the one place where everything had always made sense allowed for much needed self-exploration.

For ten days Pauline would write, meditate, and be with nature. If she was bored, lonely or mad, she wrote about it. The result is at the heart of Inside The Wheel— one of forgiveness and self awareness, a dialogue between three characters: herself, her wise youngest/oldest self, and the “furies.”

Using a harmonizer, each character is assigned a vocal timbre: The self is Pauline’s voice unaffected, the wise young/older self is a voice heard an octave below, and the furies are heard in hard-tuned 3rds, 4ths and 6ths. These characters flow in and out of each song and often speak to each other.

The 10 tracks on the album are to be experienced in order, turning continuously like a wheel. The songs were constructed, not only as a visceral outpouring by Pisano, but to evoke a journey for the listener.

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