Peter Bjorn & John Premier “Gut Feeling” Video

Swedish duo Peter Bjorn and John will release their forthcoming studio album ‘Darker Days’ on October 19th, featuring stand-out singles “One For The Team”, “Gut Feeling” And “Every Other Night.”

The new album is ‘The Story Of 3’, as each band member took the reins both in writing and production for their songs while staying connected by the central theme and musician

Today the duo share the single “Gut Feeling” a groovy pop cut backed by lovely guitars and the perfect set of vocals in unison. Peter Bjorn speaks on the new single

The story of “Gut Feeling” begins at the first gig in the US after our last album, Breakin’ Point. Backstage in the club in Nashville I was waiting for soundcheck and started writing what was to become “Gut Feeling,” the words came subconsciously: “I think we need to talk about it, if we don’t wanna live without it.” We actually did talk on that tour, and conflicts were resolved. It all became fun again.

Peter Bjorn and John ‘Darker Days’ tracklist:

1. Longer Nights
2. One For The Team
3. Every Other Night
4. Gut Feeling
5. Living A Dream
6. Velvet Sky
7. Wrapped Around The Axle
8. Dark Ages
9. Sick And Tired
10. Silicon Valley
11. Heaven And Hell

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