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Phantom Announce ‘MMXII’ LP


Phantom Announce ‘MMXII’ LP

Phantom Announce ‘MMXII’ LP

Dark-electronic duo Phantom announce their new LP

Helsinki-based dark-electronic duo Phantom comprised of jazz vocalist and poet Hanna Toivonen, and tech-futurist producer Tommi Koskinen, are set to release their debut album, MMXII, internationally February 24th via Vild Music. The albums features the lead single “Dance,” which was later remixed by fellow producer RECUE.

Phantom speak on their latest single “Dance.”: “Dance is a song about life’s own prototypes in love, lust and humanity’s paradoxical ideals. Doors in black hallways, a dawn in the pitch black night, a violin march band on the deathbed of a thousand dreams, and the ashes of which new life can be born, the magic and beauty that require pain and compromise but can’t be found when looking for. Dance is a love song for the most obvious hiding under the surface. It is a comfort song for the life-sentenced. It is a calling song, for the risks worth taking.”

Stream both the original and remix versions of their  “Dance,” below.

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