PJ Premiers New Single “Oh Yeah” FT. Marko Penn + An Elite Conversation

Atlantic Records singer-songwriter PJ, whose written hit records for the likes of Chris Brown, B.O.B, Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign to name a few, is gearing to release her Atlantic Records début album Rare. 

Continuing her release of amazing records PJ returns today with her newest single “Oh Yeah,” featuring Marko Penn, the Coldplay-inspired R&B track will most likely live on her highly anticipated album due out next year.

Along with release her new single PJ was cool enough to chat with us about inspiration of her new single, working with chart-topping artist, last year’s ‘Walking Around Pools‘ EP and more.

Give the single a spin below along with checking out my convo with PJ both below.

Today you released your latest single “Oh Yeah,” which has a Coldplay “Paradise,” vibe to it, where did you get the idea for the record? and are you a huge Coldplay fan ?

It really just came and it just popped in my head, And i’m a big fan of Coldplay, everything they put out always feels cinematic.

You’ve written records for artist such as Chris Brown, B.O.B and Wiz Khalifa to name a few, what was it like working with these artist?

Actually the only one I’ve gotten to work with one on one, is B.0.B. and he’s super cool. I met Wiz and Chris  after they actually cut the records, they’re super dope and nice too.

Last year you released your début EP ‘Walking Around Pools’ my favorites being “I Mean it,” “Nickels & Dimes,” and “Make Believe,” what was recording session like during the making of it?

They were pretty normal sessions for me, It was just at the time I was dealing with a lot so those definitely have a lot of emotion behind them. ‘Make Believe’ was basically like a freestyle, That’s why, sometimes you can’t really tell what I’m saying. ‘Nickels And Dimes’ was originally a hook I wrote for Lupe, and then I just ended up finishing it.

​This year you’ll be releasing you’re Atlantic Records début album Rare, what can the fans such as myself expect?

First off I’m so excited for it, I think my fans can expect a sound that’s not like out anything out there. I just tried to gel all my influences together make something different Which is why it’s called Rare. I’m experimenting with everything I love: pop music, hip hop, indie, folk, even like some soundtrack stuff. I’ve been very involved with the production side of things, working with Dmile and Peter Lee, but I honestly can’t even describe how excited I am… Like for real for real.

Stream PJ’s new single “Oh Yeah” below

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