Belly Films “P.O.P.” Music Video Starring Blac Chyna

Over the weekend, Toronto’s Belly filmed a new music video for his upcoming single “P.O.P.” (short for Power of Pussy) which stars thick bodied beauty Blac Chyna in Toronto. The single is off his forthcoming project Glorious, and focuses on the strength of a woman and female empowerment.

P.O.P. @belly

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This music video comes off of the heels of Belly’s headlining performance at Canada 150, a festival around Canada Day celebrating the country’s 150 year. After his performance in front of over 60,000 people, the City of Toronto apologized for his performance saying it was “inappropriate content.” As an immigrant from Palestine, Belly moved to Canada for these liberties, freedom of speech and free will to express yourself. Belly quickly rose to defended his performance and to denounce the censorship.

P.O.P. showcases the power and influence that women wield. The meaning behind P.O.P. and the Canada Day performance ties into a bigger story about censorship and Belly is using this platform to express his personal views in an artistic manner.

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