Raury – Anti Tour: Day One

Oh my god. It’s pretty much me, popping up in random venues or concerts of other artists’ whose music I’m a fan of and think my music would appeal to their fans. So pretty much it’s an unauthorized thing, where I pull up in a ten-foot truck tagged with spray paint and decals in the parking lot within the vicinity of the venue and catch the waiting lines. Then we just go the fuck off and perform. We did a little test drive. I didn’t even know what to expect. For the first run, we pulled up to the Tabernacle for the Odd Future concert. I tell you, I’m usually so nervous. Three months ago, I didn’t know how I was going to perform in front of people. Now though? I can tell it’s gonna be my favorite part. But back to the story. We get there in the midst of a sea of people. I’m in the truck, they don’t know who I am but they wanna know what’s about to happen. Some people recognize my logo from the video so they’re hyped. Some are my friends. Then I get up there and go into my zone. I had butterflies, but then they were all gone. But before I even got to my lyrics, the cops shut it down. Before I even got to “I won’t compromise…” – Raury

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