SHEENA – Reality

SHEENA - Reality

Today we’re introduced to Australian newcomer SHEENA, in the form of a new single titled “Reality”.  Stream the audio and check out the official press release below.

Since going solo and stepping away from her previous duo project, Sheena has grown into an independent artist of her own. Coming from a rich background of experience, Sheena has worked alongside some of the most colourful names within the music biz such as; The Madden Brothers, Leona Lewis, Ronan Keating, Guy Sebastian, Mel B and Delta Goodrem.

Reality was written and produced by Leon Seenandan and Sheena Wilbow in November 2013 and is the latest release off of Sheena’s new EP. The track is about breaking free from the expectations of the world. Reality is for every free spirit who has been imprisoned by the thoughts and judgements of others.

Sheena’s self-titled EP reflects the transitioning of her blinded innocence into her awareness of the real surroundings of the world. “I didn’t know how to catch a train till I turned 18. I’d never felt so lost, yet that adrenaline from freedom inspired me to continue to break away”. Being an extremely sheltered child and adolescent, she unknowingly conformed to the expectations of society where she was easily influenced by other peoples anticipations. An unexpected friendship with a character of contrasting traits opened her mind to a world beyond her own, heavily influencing the EP. Sheena’s new track Reality has the catchy-ness of a pop anthem with the obscureness of Indie Electronic music. Her voice is one to be heard.


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